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2016-01-27 18:45:03 by MuramasasEdge

I know your an alt,

but what am I!?!

Everybody is a Cunt

2016-01-09 01:35:06 by MuramasasEdge

Except you, because you came here.

Anyways, to the point.

Why are so many newgrounders cunts?

It's simple really, all they want is people to reply to their shit threads, and then in return they turn their backs on you because of simple fallicies that almost always prove they are wrong.

despite being fallicies. 

Whatever tho, half of you are white and don't even care. 

At 12/30/15 08:44 PM, MuramasasEdge wrote:

You need to be more convincing than that man.
Can you at least make a more appealing face please

key word, man


Holy fuck. Could you be any more of a knuckle-dragging, bottom-feeding, outright antagonistic human being? The only thing good about your continued existence on this planet is that, the next time a creationist tries to argue that evolution is not real, I can bring you up as an example of a lower primate who hasn't evolved yet. Comparing you with a modern human will be like comparing two cans and a string to the entire Internet. There will be absolutely no contest and, if you're lucky, you might spend the rest of your life under scientific observation or in a zoo having children throw peanuts at you.

You're the kind of person who makes me wish that I had a time machine. I would love to go back roughly 20 years and convince your mother to have you aborted. I'll just show her a picture of your anime body pillow collection/figurine collection and she will agree to it in a heartbeat. This alternate timeline in which you are not born will be a utopia in which nobody will be subjected to your wild gruntings and completely pathetic chest-beatings. People will even be able to post pictures of themselves on the Internet without you attacking them unprovoked.

Your profile says "21", but your actions make you look more like a 10-year-old with downs. I hope that when she reads your post, she remembers that there's no point in listening to the opinion of someone who earned their social skills by sending in enough box tops and paying for the postage with coins you stole from your mother's purse while she was sucking off Tyrone in the other room. You should honestly be ashamed that there are people on the BBS who are 2/3 your age and don't have half as many people who think that they're a whiny asshole.

To top it off, you don't exactly look like Orlando Bloom yourself. I've seen the pics you've posted and you look more like Curly from Lost. Except that guy is an actor who starred in an award-winning television series and you're some guy who spends all day gnawing on chicken and attempting to ruin the self-esteem of people on the Internet whom you've never met and who have no vendetta against you.

I could write an entire essay about your excess chromosomes. Actually, I wrote more than this and redacted parts to save space, but I'll spare the rest of the BBS from having to see your blubbering.

PS: I've blocked you and you're barred from participating in any of my original community events (eg. Hunger Games, Community Fap, future projects) because you're just that massive a douche. I can reverse this decision and allow your participation again, but the details of that arrangement will only be revealed to you if you contact me via PM. Don't bother replying to this post because I won't be able to see your reply.


Words of our great and wonderful Bit.

Thank @Bit

All day......

2015-09-29 16:07:59 by MuramasasEdge

... And everyday, since that damn NWA movie came out, people in class have been playing these twenty year old songs over and over. 


I mean, how long can you play this music?